Don’t Guess – Soil Test!

Michigan State University Extension Soil Nutrient Testing Service

Offered by participating garden centers in cooperation with MSU Extension-Oakland County, Southeastern Oakland County Water Authority (SOCWA), & the Michigan Groundwater Stewardship Program


Saturday, April 3 through Saturday, April 25, 2010

$18.00 soil testing per sample includes: pH, lime requirement, phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca,) magnesium (Mg) plus organic matter analysis. This price also includes delivery of your soil sample from the drop-off locations (listed on reverse) to the soil test lab at Michigan Stat University. Your personalized recommendations will be sent directly to you.

For directions for collecting a soil sample and where to purchase and take your soil sample, please click here.


For all metro area locations:





A soil test is the first step in determining how much and what type of fertilizer is needed for the plants you are trying to grow. Over-application of fertilizers can pollute water resources, ruin plants, and waste money.


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