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    Established in 1960, the Michigan Green Industry Association is a professional trade association serving the Green Industry of Michigan. 

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Michigan Outdoor Snow Expo - Thursday, Oct. 15th!

Held at the Waterford Oaks Waterpark, 1702 Scott Lake Rd., Waterford, MI 48328
Expo Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  (Lunch on your own)
Join us for this outdoor Snow Expo to see the latest technology in snow and ice equipment. Due to the demand by exhibitors and attendees to offer this particular event, the MGIA has decided to make it a FREE outdoor event! 
Pre-Register by October 12th
Per the Governor’s State of Emergency order, we are unable to hold our indoor Snow Conference and Expo at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. We will be offering an outdoor expo instead. Attendance will be closely monitored as not to exceed 100 participants (subject to change) at one time and everyone will be asked to social distance when possible. Masks and hand sanitizers will be provided if needed.  

Equipment Demo Area, Try Before You Buy! Equipment vendors will be allowed to have one piece of equipment in the Demo Area. Contact Diane Banks at (248) 646-4992 for more information.
Snow Plow Rodeo, Sponsored by LaFontaine Ford of Lansing & STE, Inc.: A competition that tests the skills and knowledge of the snow plow professional on a timed obstacle course!  Maneuvering a plow truck through a serpentine course; back into tight spots; parallel park all without knocking a tennis ball off of a 12-inch cone. 1st & 2nd place prizes awarded! 
To register online, please click here.
Click here to exhibit at the Michigan Outdoor Snow Expo.


Attention Green Industry Professionals: Work Safe!
We are all very pleased that the landscape industry was exempted in Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order No. 2020-59, one week ago. This decision was based on the industry following all of the safety protocols in order to keep yourself, your employees, clients and the general public safe. 
Since our industry is now under increased public scrutiny, it is imperative that we follow the CDC Guidelines and also check with your local county health department. In addition to the safety guidelines in Order No. 2020-59, we are including safety protocols/suggestions that many of our member companies are utilizing (see below).
The MGIA is honored to represent the landscape industry and our Board and Staff hope that all of you stay safe and healthy.  
With Clients:
  • Get verbal and/or written confirmation from your clients that they allow you to work on their property.
  • Communicate, as accurately as possible, when you plan to be on their property.
  • Inform clients of the safety protocols your company has put in place, including but not limited to proximity rules (6 feet).
  • Designate one on-site contact (potentially the foreman) for your clients. Ask them not to approach workers, other than this contact. Communicate by phone, text or email whenever possible.
  • Be prepared to cease working if a client raises any health or safety concerns.
With Staff:
  • Communicate and reinforce all safety protocols daily, via text and email. 
  • Train designated personnel (possibly foreman) to answer safety and health questions from the public and/or officials clearly and concisely. We recommend written safety rules to be carried with employees.
  • In instances where employees will be on one job site all day long, encourage meeting on-site, rather than at the shop.
  • In instances where employees must report to the shop, stagger crew start times to minimize proximity issues.
  • Businesses should operate with the least amount of employees necessary on any site. 
  • All employees should have their temperatures logged at the beginning and end of the workday.
  • If at all possible, limit crews to one person per truck.
  • In instances where it is imperative two employees must travel together, pair employees together indefinitely. Require workers to wear glasses and masks while traveling. Assign them one truck that is not to be shared. Make sure the vehicle is as well ventilated as possible. Each vehicle should be sanitized at days end. If one employee becomes ill, both should be treated as if they are contagious. Follow CDC self-quarantine rules. 
  • Enforce sanitation of all common areas including trucks, storage rooms, offices, restrooms, etc.
  • Wear proper PPE at all times. 
  • Minimize the use of shared equipment, making sure to properly and fully sanitize all equipment after each use. Always maintain proper social distancing (6 feet). In the event, employees must work close to one another, for heavy lifting, etc., wear a face mask and gloves. Once separated, immediately wash/sanitize hands.